Customer servise

General business conditions:

  1. The prices are stated in Euro excl. Value-added tax (VAT).
  2. The goods are our proprietary until complete payment and during production time.
  3. Delivery term is immediate or 1-6 weeks. It depends on order amount and on specification of goods.
  4. Delivery conditions EXW Kaunas (Lithuania).
  5. The way of payment is layed down by the seller. For the first time consumers can choose the conditions of payment cash on delivery, direct debit or advance payment. Delivery will be made only on the conditions payment in advance or cash on delivery. Customers pay all bank charges.
  6. Invoices could be paid:

-         standart prices within 14 days netto less 2% discount.

-         standart prices within 30 days netto.

-         for payment cash on delivery, direct debit or payment in advance less 3% discount.

-         other payment conditions are available.

  1. Complaints must be made during 7 days after receipt the goods in written form. In case of   justified complaints the goods will be replaced free of charge.  
  2. We accept only retour-delivery goods porto free. We don`t accept the retour-delivery of faultlessly special customers orders.
  3. In case of small special orders we calculate 10-50% surcharge.
  4. Our seat is Kaunas. Court land is Kaunas. Lithuanian law is valid for abroad deliveries.

Shipping rates to Europe:

Up to 2 kg         - 8 Euro in 5-10 working days (by post).

More than 2 kg  - 16 Euro in 2-3 working days (by TNT).

Each additional kilogram costs 1,5 Euro.


Wash instruction for home textile:

Half linen products are washable at 60o temperature.

100% linen products at 40o temperature.

Products in nature colors faded the original color.

Products with hand made hemstich must be hand-washed.

Products from 100% linen shrink after first wash 3-9%.